At the beginning of March there are a lot of planets moving through your star sign. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. So you’re going to be highly energised and you’ll be able to make things happen in a big way.

Matters are helped by the fact that on March 7 and 8 Mercury and Jupiter are making a conjunction. Not only will you be able to express yourself very well, but relationships can be a source of great satisfaction.

You and someone else will be on exactly the same wavelength, and you can fill in for each other’s weak points. Sometimes Pisceans only focus on the broad concepts and you then need another person to fill in the crucial details for you.

On March 15 there’s a New Moon in your star sign. This is a big event, especially if you’ve got a birthday in mid-March. It can be a brand new beginning, when you can start moving your life in a fresh and profitable direction.

Though in the process you might cause a fair amount of disruption – after all, this New Moon is very close to Uranus, the planet of earthquakes. pisces horoscope

Perhaps other people have made assumptions about the kind of person you are, and when you start acting as an individual they’ll be surprised and even shocked.

On March 20 it’s the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves out of your star sign, into Aries.

Your energy levels might fall off, just a fraction, but this is probably a good thing. You’ll become more restrained and more sensible, and you’ll realise that everything has a price.

This price could quite literally be financial, and in the last ten days of March you can take active measures to put your finances on a stable footing. For example, you might realise that you can save yourself money by bargaining. So if you’re out shopping, don’t always accept the first price you see.


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