From couples planning their perfect wedding to large companies arranging corporate events the pressure is on to provide guests with something both enjoyable, tasty and different form the norm; Something that attendees will talk about after the event itself. This is one of the reasons why hog roast catering has become increasingly popular. Not only does the hog itself provide the perfect centre piece, you are guaranteed both a talking point and tender succulent meat.

Although the traditional hog roast first made its appearance many years ago cooked mainly in clay ovens and over coal fires, today’s hi tech roasting machines have made this great tradition more and more accessible to the general public. A feast which, throughout history, was once reserved for the privileged few is now being used as the main catering solution for smaller parties like birthdays & Christmas parties, as well as, large corporate gatherings and wedding breakfasts.

You could describe a hog roast as a large BBQ where a pig, normally around 200lbs, is spit roasted on a large rotisserie over an open flame. Salt is rubbed into the skin so that crackling can be handed round upon serve time. The main benefits of having a traditional hog roast are the laid back atmosphere they tend to create, the great aromas and the striking centre piece they create. They are also a great talking point and offer something different to the average seated menu. You can’t beat a succulent spit roasted pig.

Another benefit is the advantage of being able to create both a simple informal menu as well as something that could contend with some of the more fanciful wedding breakfasts offered by traditional wedding caterers. Although the main course is often served as a buffet, there is no reason why additional courses can’t be served to the tables. Many couples have chosen to provide wedding guests with canapés and starters before the hog roast buffet, followed by delicious desserts served directly to each table. This kind of menu will always ensure that family and friends are talking about your wedding long after the event itself. pig roast nj

When booking hog roast caterers you should always look out for the following things. Business insurance is always a must along with food hygiene certificates for all employees. Due to the growing popularity of the British hog roast, more and more people have decided to masquerade as qualified chef’s, offering people catering services without the proper qualifications. You must be careful when booking your caterers to check that they have all of the relevant qualifications and that they have experience in the industry. It is unlikely that you will be able to attend a tasting session with a hog roast company but always request a comprehensive list of testimonials; these can then be compared with other companies. A meeting may also be of use. This is a great way to get to know your caterers before paying a deposit.

Another all important factor when it comes to hog roast catering is where the pig is cooked. The best hog roast caterers will cook your pig fresh on site, arriving approximately six hours before serve time to ensure that your pig is cooked to perfection. Some smaller hog roast companies cook their pigs in bakers ovens at their own venues then deliver the pig already cooked to your chosen destination. By doing this you loose the succulent texture of the meat and the crispy crackling. You also loose the visual effect and great aromas created by the pig slowly turning on the spit. I know which one I would choose.


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